Architectural Columns

Architectural columns are available in a wide variety of materials, to be used in load-bearing or non-load-bearing conditions.

Wood, fiberglass FRP, PVC, HDP, gypsum, concrete and aluminum, to name a few, are all commonly used materials which each serve a purpose in their respective categories.

For example, the use of wood columns has dwindled as the plastics industry has created better synthetic materials such as PVC, HDP and FRP which can replace wood in nearly all situations, except perhaps when historic accuracy or similar aesthetic concerns are present. The use of aluminum columns likewise has dwindled, as the availability of architecturally correct designs has not kept up with demand, and FRP, PVC, and HDP materials handily fill the gap. Gypsum and concrete columns are more likely found in public or commercial buildings, where large scale designs and fire-rated materials are commonly required.

Turncraft , HB&G , Dixie Pacific, and Edon Corporation, are all examples of top-quality column manufacturers available from Millwork Direct, Inc. Millwork Direct’s column specialists can assist you with determining the right product at the right price for your project, drop-shipped directly to your site. Send us your project specifications today, and let us help you realize your greatest expectations!


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