Exterior Elements

Exterior elements encompass a large variety of profiles and shapes including shutters, balustrades and railing systems, columns and posts, domes, cupolas, porch decking and ceiling, among other items. Some areas of this category are mutually inclusive of the decorative molding category, but mainly cover the components commonly used at the exterior of buildings.

In recent years, manufacturers have spent a lot of time and money developing synthetic and composite wood-alternative materials which look like, perform like and install like wood products, but offer vastly improved longevity and low or no maintenance. While sometimes more expensive than the materials they are replacing, the cost of these materials has come down dramatically from the early years, and in some cases such as PVC and fiberglass columns, even rivals the cost of the wood it is replacing.

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Spectis Moulders, Inc.

Spectis Moulders manufactures high quality polyurethane architectural products for the building and construction industry. We build moldings, balusters, railings, blocks, gingerbreads, columns, sunbursts, keystones, arches, louvers, medallions, niches and more. Visit website

Fypon, Ltd.

Why use trim you have to work for when you can use trim that works for you? Fypon urethane millwork is ready to install right out of the box, saving you time and money. There is no need to prime, glue or fabricate pieces on the job site, and the quality is always consistent. Visit Website


Turncraft, a division of Cascade Wood Products, established in 1949, was built on a rich tradition of creating quality products from premium materials. Visit Website

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Please be patient downloads vary in size and some may take longer than others to complete.